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Dichloroacetate: An Available Medication to Fight Cancer

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Dichloroacetate, is probably among the first anti cancer medication It could fight against cancer. After all these years, I still believe even more in the possibility supporting sodium dichloro acetate.  That really is because, I do understand personally two people/friends who therefore are alive now and profited from D CA treatment method because of D CA. And so they used no big treatments like chemo. Some of those is that a guy diagnosed >10 years ago with stage IV colon cancer and one other one is that a man diagnosed >5 decades back with stage IV lung cancer. And both of them are living now.

It is accurate, after roughly >5 years their cancer came back and that they all succeeded to control that with many elements including 3BP. DCA is a white powder, the salt edition of Dichloroacetic acid. Outside the oncology area, DCA is a drug understood for decades that has been considered for treatment of lactic acidosis.


Recommended dichloroacetate daily dose is 20 mg/kg daily (mg per human anatomy kg per day). Calculation of dose for a particular man is uncomplicated: simply multiply your bodyweight by 20 mg/kg and you'll get daily DCA dose.

For example - in case your Individual weighs 75 kg:

75 kg x 20 mg/kg = 1500 milligrams Everyday = 1.5 grams of DCA daily (5 capsules of 333 mg or 3 capsules of 500 mg)

The burden of the person needs to be taken excluding overweight.


Mini Mal therapeutically efficient D-CA every day dose is just two times bigger - 10 mg/kg every day. Because the medication could have minor smaller A mount is not recommended.


In case there are no side effects, dca powder dosage could be raised to 30-40 mg/kg per day.


In case of strongside effects daily dose should be lowered to 10-20 mg/kg each day.


Probably the most accurate means to quantify DCA powder is by using water solution. It is advisable to prepare yourself a solution containing 0,1 gram of D CA powder 1 tsp of plain water therapy.

Place 25 grams of DCA into 250 ml bottle (alternatively 50 g into 500 ml, or a hundred g into 1, 000 ml). WARNING: take out and remove the package, if there's a single inside.

Pour neat distilled water till it reaches on at the 250 tsp point.

Near the jar and shake it before wax dissolves.

This manner 1 tsp of alternative will probably hold 0,1gram of Sodium Dichloroacetate

DCA AND Chemo Therapy

For advice regarding DCA interaction with special chemotherapy drug, consider looking for the net. will even prepare extra information on the subject later on. It really is well worth noting that these practices obtain pleasing outcomes and make utilize of this particular strategy.

DCA AND Radio Therapy

D CA can improve the repercussions of radiotherapy in a few people. Consider searching on the internet for information. will prepare more information in the future.


It appears that DCA could have a beneficial impacts on almost all types of cancer, even though the effectiveness varies. Excellent answer is observed in scenarios of: Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma, Immunology mobile lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal and colon cancer, mind astrocytoma, glioblastoma, neuroblastoma .

Best answers are to be anticipated in most cases of period 1, 2 and 3 localized cancer.


Attempt eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, stay away from candies and animal fats. We advise you to inspect the web for details on food diet plans that are effective if treating cancer. Until we publish new informationwe recommend that you consume a wholesome diet since foodstuff has an effect on this disease's evolution.